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Blogging about blogging.


As of 12:00 AM on May 5, 2023, I officially graduated with a Master of Science in Education degree in Instructional Systems Technology, or MSEd in IST for the sake of brevity. I began working on the degree at the height of the pandemic lockdowns in August 2020, and by taking two classes a semester…

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EDUC-R511 Instructional Technology Foundations

This will be sort of interesting. This semester, one of my professors wants us to blog about our thoughts on the assigned readings instead of discussing them in Canvas. The posts for the class will all be put in the same category to them easy to find. It gives me an excuse to write some…

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Monday Mike 6: Thoughts on a month of vlogging

Episode 6 of Monday Mike has me giving some thoughts on a months of vlogging. In short, it’s tough sometimes.

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Move it on over

Today I’ve moved my website from Site5 to Dreamhost. It’s not a decision I made lightly. because moving a site, with all the posts, media, etc is pretty complicated. But for roughly the same price, Dreamhost seems to offer better service and more amenities. The thing that really got me was that Dreamhost offers free…

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Review Haiku, again

Over the past year or so, I notice I haven’t been writing as many Review Haiku. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that I wasn’t very satisfied with the most recent method of posting them, where I created a static PHP page for each review. While it’s good(-ish) if I want…

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Back again

After several months of inactivity, I’ve finally got the blog back up and running, and have done some reorganization. The site has been moved to a new webhost, which has a lot of tools to make it easier to run the site. The main change to this site is that the Review Haiku will be…

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