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Cattus Interruptus
As of 12:00 AM on May 5, 2023, I officially graduated with a Master of Science in Education degree in Instructional Systems Technology, or MSEd in IST for the sake of brevity. I began working on the degree at the height of the pandemic lockdowns in August 2020, and by taking two classes a semester I was able to finish in three years. The diploma should arrive by mail in a few weeks, so I looks forward to that.

Now that I don’t have to concentrate so much on classwork, I plan to have a bit more fun with my free time. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on the 2023 iteration of the garden, and trying to get caught up on some TV shows I’ve missed, such as Carnival Row, Shadow and Bone, and The Peripheral. I also plan on tackling the piles of books to be read and doing a bit more blogging.

I’ve owned the domain for over 20 years (first registered in 2002), and after a few technological mishaps, I began this iteration of the blog in 2014. When I first started the website, before I ever read the term weblog, it was known as an Everything/Nothing type of website because the posts were about everything and nothing at all. There may still be a bit of that in the future, but with the new degree and decades of experience in IT support and customer service, I plan on focusing more on technology and education in future posts.

With the growing popularity of AI/LLM, the education sector is having a hard time grappling with it. Until recently, I’ve been in the “wait-and-see” camp, but the technology is moving so fast, I decided to start playing with it and see what’s what. Expect to read some posts about it in the near future. Other than that, expect to see more posts about gardening, books, social media, and Second Life.

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