Back again

After several months of inactivity, I’ve finally got the blog back up and running, and have done some reorganization. The site has been moved to a new webhost, which has a lot of tools to make it easier to run the site.

The main change to this site is that the Review Haiku will be separate from the blog. When creating an ePub, each haiku is basically an XHTML webpage. To make it easier to create an ePub of Review Haiku in the future, I decided to put each haiku on its own webpage. I used PHP for this mainly to benefit from using templates for the headers and footers, but it should be easy (knock on wood) to use a script to make bulk changes to change the files from PHP to XHTML when making an ePub.

With the Review Haiku separated from the blog, I intend to use the blog mainly… um, as a blog. I’ll probably be blogging a lot about learning Chinese (中文), taking the HSK test, and so on.


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