Hello World

A photograph of artificial idol Ivy Wong standing on a narrow street in Tokyo, Japan.

Stylecards is a bit of an experiment. It started out a few months ago as I was trying out Easy Diffusion to create images. After playing with it for a few weeks, I wondered what would happen if an image from Second Life was used as the source.

I love Second Life and love taking photos in it, but that’s not the same as being good at it. Some SL residents are excellent at taking photos, but most of the time, images taken in-world have a sense of artificiality about them. Now, with AI software that can turn simple images into photorealistic ones, I’ve become obsessed with taking photos in Second Life and using Easy Diffusion to improve them.

In July, the obsession became a project named Stylecards. For the moment, the goal is to post one image everyday. Each of the dailies will be safe for most workplaces, but may be a bit risque. No nudity, but maybe suggestive. These images are currently posted to Discord, Flickr, and Tumblr, and going forward they’ll be posted to Patreon as well.

Eventually, I want to start posting weekly or monthly pictorials for paying members. The dailies are the lure. Anyone can see them without paying for them. If people like them, hopefully they’ll pay to see the rest.

For now, enjoy the dailies.


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