Kalyani Bose at the theater

Kalyani Bose is standing in front of a purple movie theater while wearing a pink skirt and tank top.

Prompt: A photograph of a 24 year old Sri Lankan woman, she has short black hair, she is wearing a pink tank top and pink skirt, she is wearing a pink choker around her neck, she is standing in front of as pink movie theater, solo, 1girl

Negative Prompt: EasyNegative, extra hands, extra arms, extra legs, extra limbs, missing hands, missing arms, missing legs, missing limbs, bad hands, underwear, bra, panties, ((modesty)), out of frame, tattoo, tattoos

Seed: 4253621713

Stable Diffusion model: pornmasterPro_fp32V2

Clip Skip: True

ControlNet model: None

VAE model: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned

Sampler: dpmpp_2m_sde

Width: 1200

Height: 1200

Steps: 100

Guidance Scale: 30.0

Prompt Strength: 0.5

LoRA model: None

Hypernetwork model: None

Embedding models: None

Seamless Tiling: none

Use Face Correction: codeformer

Use Upscaling: None

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