Ayodele in the boudoir

Ayodele is sitting in an ornate chair in the boudoir.

Prompt: A photograph of a 24 year old Haitian woman, she is sitting in an ornate chair, she is wearing a sleeveless pinstripe suit, her arms are bare, her elbows are resting one her legs, her head is resting on her hands, she is wearing stockings, she is wearing high heels, her knees are together but her feet are apart, she has lots of curly hair, solo, 1girl

Negative Prompt: EasyNegative, extra hands, extra arms, extra legs, extra limbs, missing hands, missing arms, missing legs, missing limbs, bad hands, underwear, bra, panties, ((modesty)) out of frame

Seed: 1354797242

Stable Diffusion model: deliberate_v2

Clip Skip: True

ControlNet model: None

VAE model: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned

Sampler: dpmpp_2m_sde

Width: 1024

Height: 1024

Steps: 100

Guidance Scale: 40.0

Prompt Strength: 0.4

LoRA model: None

Hypernetwork model: None

Embedding models: None

Seamless Tiling: none

Use Face Correction: codeformer

Use Upscaling: None

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