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A few days ago, for some reason, I was looking for news on Czechia. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but had a vague idea that I might collect a list of English language news sources in non-English speaking countries. Turns out it’s already been done. I found a site called NewsNow. It’s basically a news aggregator, but using local English language news sources from nearly every country. It even has a section for Antarctic news. The nice thing is it allows you to drill down to news from or about a particular country, so if I wanted to find news about Czechia or any other country, I could.

The nice thing about the site is that it isn’t ad-driven. I think it relies on some foundation to pay the bills.

The site is also organized into sections, such as sports and lifestyle. I was hoping they might have tons of sports, but no such luck. It looks like they only concentrate on major leagues, soccer, F1, wrestling, etc. No Hurley. No Badminton. Not even cycling. The lifestyle section includes sub-sections on LGBT and Pansexuality.

Overall, the site is pretty impressive.

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels.

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