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A few months ago as I was doing updates for the fundraising platforms, I decided to try something new in the future. Since I’m a big fan of YouTube, I thought I might start doing videos. Except of course, that it isn’t as easy as just filming and uploading.

I started paying attention to the people I follow on YouTube, and mentally dissecting their videos. That was enough for me to develop a mental list of things to include and mistakes to avoid. I’ll cover those sometime in the future.

After making some practice videos, trying out different sound and lighting options, editing everything together, and making sure the whole scheme was viable, I started formalizing the plans. One idea was to separate my personal vlogs from my professional/side-hustle vlogs. It makes sense because I also have a personal website and a professional website. My personal vlogs will be posted on Open Tube, while my professional videos will appear at Peertube.social.

Monday Mike

Monday Mike is a series of personal vlogs that will appear every Monday. It will mostly be about things going on in my life, but each one will probably have a topic or two that I want to cover. Each video will normally be 5 – 10 minutes long and will be posted on Open Tube.

Music Monday Mike

I don’t want to give away too much yet, but on the first Monday of each month, I will post Music Monday Mike in place of the regular Monday Mike. The first one will appear on January 6, 2020. They will be posted to Open Tube and each episode will be around 15 minutes long.

Tech Tip Friday

Tech Tip Friday will be a series of professional/side-hustle videos where I discuss some tech related issues. Some will be detailed, such as How to create video subtitles and captions with Subtitle Composer, while others will be more generic, such as an Overview of Shotcut. These videos will be posted to peertube.social every Friday and will normally be 5 – 30 minutes long.

Fediverse Friday

Fediverse Friday will be posted on the first Friday of every month in place of Tech Tip Friday. Each episode will cover a topic related to the Fediverse and will be 5 – 30 minutes long.

Weight Wait Wednesday

Weight Wait Wednesday will be another weekly series of personal vlogs, but each will normally be less than five minutes. They will posted on Open Tube and will start on January 1, 2020.

As I was coming up with these plans I quickly came up with enough topics for a year of Fediverse Fridays and Tech Tip Fridays before I realized that none of them included talking about my own projects, which was sort of the whole reason for getting into vlogging in the first place. I was running out of days and clever names before coming up with The Geekend. I’m still mulling it over, but I like the name, even if I haven’t figured out how to format it yet. Will it be personal? Will it be professional? I don’t know yet. We’ll see how it goes.

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