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Hacking AI News

Having recently graduated, it seemed like a good time to try new things. Among the new things I’ve recently tried out is a WordPress theme called AI News. It’s an open source theme intended for sites that want to incorporate a ChatGPT plugin to write blog posts. I have no intention of using that plugin…

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Long Live the Classic Editor

When logging into a WordPress blog, the user is first shown the Dashboard, which usually includes links to posts about WordPress. This morning, most of those posts had to do with the announcement that support for the Classic Editor plugin has been extended to 2022, and possibly beyond. In 2018, when WordPress came out with…

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Review Haiku, again

Over the past year or so, I notice I haven’t been writing as many Review Haiku. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that I wasn’t very satisfied with the most recent method of posting them, where I created a static PHP page for each review. While it’s good(-ish) if I want…

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