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Ivy Wong meeting the paparazzi

   Ivy WongThe Takai Hotel, Kiyori City, Second Life Maitreya Lara Petite bodyLeLutka Ceylon headThe Skinnery Kasumi head skin, Honey toneThe Skinnery Luna body skin, Honey toneWasabi Mystique hair, New Year’s Edition Rowne Fohlin Ruffle dressSugar C-String pantiesSAS Zaragoza hatLibby Petite Stars pastiesKC Couture Adalia high heels

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Second Life updates

Linden Labs has promised some big changes are coming to Second Life. The ones that have generated the most hubbub seem to be related to the mobile client that will finally bring SL to smartphones and tablets, and PBR (Physically-Based Rendering (Sorry, Pabst)) which aims to make everything in-world look more realistic. These updates promise…

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