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The Only Pirate at the Party

A few years ago, I got some money for my birthday and for some reason I bought a violin and an amplifier from Amazon. I never really did anything with it, but I started looking at YouTube for violin stuff and kept reading references to Lindsey Stirling. “She must be a famous violinist or something,”…

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Music Monday 1: The Ritz

In this first episode of Music Monday, I talk about the first violin I bought – The Ritz. First week to two years – Adult beginner violinist

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Music and the Lollipop Lock Screen

Music and the Lollipop Lock Screen After the battery started giving me trouble in my THL T6 Pro, I broke down and bought a slightly more upscale smartphone – an ASUS Zenfone 2. Both phones are about the same height and width, though the ASUS seems to be a bit thicker. One of the main…

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