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Rude awakenings

今天早上我被火警起床了。今天是星期天,所以我要了睡懒觉。不但我听了人人聊天在走廊外面我的房子,而且我闻到烟气了。我起床了,穿了鞋和冬天上衣,拿了手机,和出去外面了。我看了很多救火队。我的胳臂的房子大门开了。我知道了我不能回家一是,所以我走路了星巴克。 This morning I was awoken by a fire alarm. Today is Sunday, so I wanted to sleep in. However, I heard people talking in the hallway outside my apartment, and I smelled smoke. I got up, put on some shoes and a winter jacket, grabbed my cell phone, and went outside. I saw many…

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今天我的生日。我没有晚会,可是以后从星巴克我要拿一杯摩卡咖啡免费。我四十七岁。 Today is my birthday. I won’t have a party, but later on I’ll get a free mocha from Starbucks.

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