Photography portfolio

Spot sitting on a window ledge as sun shines in from outside

Photography is just a hobby, so a lot of the pictures I take are crap. Some, however, are pretty good in my humble opinion, so here are some selections.

Street art

A piece of yellow and green crochet is set into a metal railing. In the background is a wooden door that leads into the building.

Street art comes in all shapes and sizes, and often in unexpected places. I like to take photos of it to acknowledge its presence before it gets removed or succumbs to the elements.

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Fine art

Plant life


Architectural details


Other animals


Zombie from Starbucks

Some photos are easy to categorize; others aren’t. These are photos don’t fit neatly into other the categories in this portfolio.

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A blurry selfie of me hearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a dust mask while working in the attic. Planks for the rook are just behind me.

I’ve never really mastered taking selfies, but here are some of the more interesting ones.

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