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Instructional Design and Development (EDUC-R521) was an online class taught asynchronously and taken in the Fall semester of 2020. According to IU, this class “introduces the instructional systems development process, from analysis through evaluation and implementation, and includes practice in all phases. Emphasizes design issues such as classification of learning tasks, selection of instructional strategies, and development of prototypes. Students practice the design of effective and appealing instruction based on principles from instructional theory.”

In the first week of the semester, in an online discussion, students organized themselves into groups for a semester-long instructional design project. The group I was in had five people who were interested in training in the workplace. Our project was “Mask Confusion” and was related to all of the information and misinformation surrounding the use of facemasks in the midst of the current pandemic. When we started developing the instructional materials a few weeks ago, we came up with the fictional Munder-Difflin Paper Company as the company where the training will take place. Throughout the semester, we developed the following materials:

  • Instructional analysis
  • Subordinate skills analysis
  • Objectives
  • Learner and Context analysis
  • Assessment
  • Instructional strategy
  • Employee workbook
  • Instructor handbook
  • Course PowerPoint
  • Formative evaluation

Most of it has been turned in already, but we still have to do the formative evaluation. I will post the items as they are graded and returned.