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As I play around with Easy Diffusion, I’ve been reminded of something that happened fairly often when I was working with Blender on a regular basis: rendering artifacts. Artifacts happen when there is a problem between what the user thinks they told the software to create and what it actually does. In the case of…

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The Girl from Ipanema

It’s sort of crazy how quickly I’ve become addicted to using Easy Diffusion. Just a few days ago I found out about it and less than a week later I’m able to turn out images like this one. Reading about the passing of Astrud Gilberto a few days ago, I used the first verse of…

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Create images with Easy Diffusion AI

As a member of Generation X, it’s not often I find out something new, but over the past 24 hours I’ve learned more about AI than I have in the past…well, since ever. More specifically, I’ve learned how to create images using Easy Diffusion. Easy Diffusion is the same thing as Stable Diffusion, but it’s…

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