Author: Michael Hawkes

Michael Hawkes is a professional geek, amateur coder, hobbyist gardener, cat dad, and aspiring instructional designer.


我是查理 (wǒ shì Chálǐ) means Je suis Charlie or I am Charlie. While I never heard of Charlie Hebdo before yesterday, I believe freedom of the press is a requirement for a vibrant democracy. My thoughts and condolences got out to the family and friends of those killed in Paris yesterday.

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Blogging in Chinese

Last spring I took the HSK 1 and passed. The HSK (汉语水平考试 Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) is a test of Chinese language proficiency. Level 1 is pretty basic. There are 150 vocabulary terms to know, and some listening and reading sections with multiple choice questions. As far as proficiency goes, HSK 1 is the most basic.…

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你好。我叫迈克,姓鹰。我英文姓是“Hawkes”,哪意思“鹰”。我喜欢这个汉字“鹰”,可是它一点儿难写。 我住在美国,印第安纳,印第安纳波利斯。那个也一点儿难写,所以我喜欢写“美国,印州,印城”。 现在我四十六岁,可是二零一五一月九号是我的生日。我觉得2015要一个好年。上个春天我考了HSK1,和十二月九号我考了HSK2。下个春天我要考试HSK3。 我学习中文在印第安纳大学与普渡大学印第安纳波利斯联合分校(a/k/a IUPUI)。去年(2013年)秋天学期我修了第一次中文课。上个秋天学期我修了我的第三次中文课。一月我要修第四次中文课。 我工作在IUPUI在印第安纳大学医学系。我是电脑技师在专家系。 我想看电影,可是我不看电视。不过我看Netflix和YouTube。有的时候我看中文电影,可是我看英文字幕。 有的时候我听中文音乐。我懂得一些生词。我想听温岚,蔡依林,百安,王力宏,吴建豪,和 Lollipop F。

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Back again

After several months of inactivity, I’ve finally got the blog back up and running, and have done some reorganization. The site has been moved to a new webhost, which has a lot of tools to make it easier to run the site. The main change to this site is that the Review Haiku will be…

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