Writing prompt: New stories of the gods

A color photo of a pillar supporting a corner of the roof of the Acropolis.

A color photo of a woman with black makeup surrounding her eyes and runes drawn on her forehead and cheek
A woman of faith
Thinking about all the gods, deities, and cultural icons that people have created over the millennia, the stories we’ve been told are very dramatic and memorable, but what was left out? What haven’t we been told? What are the banalities of their lives that the bards and chroniclers failed to mention? The writing prompt for today is to create new stories of the gods.

Is there a kappa in Japan that yearns to be the next J-POP sensation? Does Poseidon ever get ear infections from all that swimming? What if Romulus and Remus were actually nurtured by a cat? If Kokopelli and Lizzo had a battle of flute playing, who would win? If Lisa Simpson earned a doctorate, what would her dissertation be about? Did the sirens know how to beatbox?

The well-known stories only tell small parts of their lives. There has to be more. Create something new and write about it. Breathe new life into them.

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