Not All Candy

A plastic sekleton surrounded by lots of candy

Are you hungry? Here’s a bowl of candy. Help yourself.

Oh, I should probably warn you about them first.

I’m not sure how it happened, but some of the candies are poisonous and’ll kill you. Pretty quickly, too.

I mean, you’ll probably be fine. It’s a huge bowl and there’s gotta be hundreds of candies in there. Only a few are poisonous.

Although… There’re some in there that’ll… Well, they won’t kill you, but they’ll make you really sick, so you’ll only wish you were dead.

Again, only a few are like that, so there’s nothing to worry about. Think positive!

Sorry, I don’t know how to tell the poisonous candy from the not-poisonous, so there’s no way to tell the good ones from the bad ones.

Are you sure you don’t want any?

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