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Marry a beauty
What must he do to keep her?
Go balls-out insane

En la cama

Meet at a party
A break from the rest of life
Know one another

Emanuelle in Bangkok

It’s lovely Thailand
They know how to entertain
Care for some ping-pong?

Emanuelle in America

A horse just whinnied
Your horoscope for today
The stuff of nightmares

Emanuelle Around the World

Sexy jet setter
From one place to another
It’s all about sex

The Elephant Man

Freak from a sideshow
Even in a hospital?
He is still a freak

Electronic Lover

A psychotic geek
Pre-internet fantasies
Watching a camwhore

Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill

British comedy
On stage in San Francisco
His stand up kills them


No consummation
What’s a new bride to do?
Run away from him

Easy Rider

Flush with cash from deal
What’re they gonna do now?
Ride across country