Music and the Lollipop Lock Screen

Posted at 4:49 pm on 15 Jun 2015 by lafnlab

Music and the Lollipop Lock Screen After the battery started giving me trouble in my THL T6 Pro, I broke down and bought a slightly more upscale smartphone – an ASUS Zenfone 2. Both phones are about the same height and width, though the ASUS seems to be a bit thicker. One of the main […]

Live Below the Line

Posted at 7:22 pm on 11 Apr 2015 by lafnlab

A year or so ago I read about a challenge where some people in the UK tried to live on £1 a day for five days. This is the level the World Bank sets as the level of extreme poverty. Nearly 1.2 billion people around the world live in conditions of extreme poverty. In the […]


Posted at 5:20 pm on 28 Mar 2015 by lafnlab

Today I took the HSK 3, which was a disaster. The character 嗔 (chēn) means angry or annoyed, and that pretty much describes my feelings about today’s test. The HSK 1 exam which I took last year had a vocabulary list of 150 words, and I passed that test. The HSK 2 test, which I […]

Noun + adjective + 得 + 不得了

Posted at 8:02 pm on 10 Feb 2015 by lafnlab

We just started working on Chapter 19 of Integrated Chinese last week, and part of the homework had us practicing the phrase 不得了 (bùdéliǎo), which means extremely or exceedingly. It usually follows this pattern: noun + adjective + 得 + 不得了。 Noun is extremely adjective. 挪威冷得不得了。 Nuówēi lěng de bùdéliǎo. Norway is extremely cold. 李友用功得不得了。 […]


Posted at 7:35 pm on 08 Feb 2015 by lafnlab


Duration of actions

Posted at 9:47 am on 03 Feb 2015 by lafnlab

In Chapter 18 of Integrated Chinese, Dialogue II has a section which describes the duration of an action, and it shows two sentence formulas for it. One of the examples they give is: 她每天听绿音听一个小时。 她每天听一个小时绿音。 She listens to recordings for an hour everyday. Both of the Chinese sentences say they same thing in slightly different […]

Time expression + 没 + Verb (+ 了)

Posted at 8:44 am on 03 Feb 2015 by lafnlab

I have a test in Chinese class later today, so this post and the next are a couple of things the teacher told us will be on the test. Chapter 18 of Integrated Chinese*, page 231 (运动 – Sports), the Dialogue I section describes the following formula: Time expression + 没 + Verb (+ 了) […]

Rude awakenings

Posted at 2:15 pm on 01 Feb 2015 by lafnlab

今天早上我被火警起床了。今天是星期天,所以我要了睡懒觉。不但我听了人人聊天在走廊外面我的房子,而且我闻到烟气了。我起床了,穿了鞋和冬天上衣,拿了手机,和出去外面了。我看了很多救火队。我的胳臂的房子大门开了。我知道了我不能回家一是,所以我走路了星巴克。 This morning I was awoken by a fire alarm. Today is Sunday, so I wanted to sleep in. However, I heard people talking in the hallway outside my apartment, and I smelled smoke. I got up, put on some shoes and a winter jacket, grabbed my cell phone, and went outside. I saw many […]


Posted at 7:48 pm on 25 Jan 2015 by lafnlab

学习中文我觉得我可以放假中国,可是我不知道哪里。我有一些中国人同事,一些从北京,和一位从吉林。我也有一位老师从广州和一位从四川。中国有很多地方,我不可以决定。有的时候我想去北京,深圳,广东,香港, 和台北。 在北京我想看紫禁城和中关村。在广东我想去中山大学。我也想去诚品书店在台北。那有一个五楼书店!很大!。


Posted at 7:23 am on 24 Jan 2015 by lafnlab

这个星期我觉得了开始中文学生俱乐部在IUPUI。上几年IUPUI有了一个中文俱乐部,可是现在它没了。上几天我写了IUPUI的四位中文老师们问她们的心头。都应诺帮!下个星期我要去你们的中文班和说学生们,请你们入会。 在IUPUI每俱乐部必需至少五位学生。我希望学生们有意思。 我想一个中文俱乐部是很念。学生们可以听说中文,聊天中文问题, 和互助学习。

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