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Posted at 7:48 pm on January 25, 2015 by lafnlab

学习中文我觉得我可以放假中国,可是我不知道哪里。我有一些中国人同事,一些从北京,和一位从吉林。我也有一位老师从广州和一位从四川。中国有很多地方,我不可以决定。有的时候我想去北京,深圳,广东,香港, 和台北。 在北京我想看紫禁城和中关村。在广东我想去中山大学。我也想去诚品书店在台北。那有一个五楼书店!很大!。


Posted at 7:23 am on January 24, 2015 by lafnlab

这个星期我觉得了开始中文学生俱乐部在IUPUI。上几年IUPUI有了一个中文俱乐部,可是现在它没了。上几天我写了IUPUI的四位中文老师们问她们的心头。都应诺帮!下个星期我要去你们的中文班和说学生们,请你们入会。 在IUPUI每俱乐部必需至少五位学生。我希望学生们有意思。 我想一个中文俱乐部是很念。学生们可以听说中文,聊天中文问题, 和互助学习。

呆宝静 - It’s OK

Posted at 9:35 am on January 13, 2015 by lafnlab

One of the things I’ve struggled with in Chinese is finding Chinese songs I find interesting. Most of it is just pop music. It’s OK (no pun intended), but it’s usually not very interesting. There are a lot of ballads (boring), but some dance songs which are at least more energetic. What I’ve been trying […]

American girl speaking Chinese

Posted at 9:20 am on by lafnlab

The other day I looked on YouTube for a video of Mark Zuckerberg speaking Chinese, since I wanted to find out if he spoke better Chinese than I do (he does). In the related videos section, I saw the video embedded above. The video is quite humbling because she speaks Chinese very well compared to […]

Getting ready

Posted at 4:03 pm on January 10, 2015 by lafnlab

Next week I start my fourth semester of Chinese classes. One thing I’ve learned from past experience is that it’s very easy to forget it, if you don’t keep studying, at least a little bit. To keep 中文 mostly fresh in my mind, I decided to deleted all my flashcards in Anki and started over. […]


Posted at 11:23 am on January 9, 2015 by lafnlab

今天我的生日。我没有晚会,可是以后从星巴克我要拿一杯摩卡咖啡免费。我四十七岁。 Today is my birthday. I won’t have a party, but later on I’ll get a free mocha from Starbucks.


Posted at 9:53 am on January 8, 2015 by lafnlab

我是查理 (wǒ shì Chálǐ) means Je suis Charlie or I am Charlie. While I never heard of Charlie Hebdo before yesterday, I believe freedom of the press is a requirement for a vibrant democracy. My thoughts and condolences got out to the family and friends of those killed in Paris yesterday.